Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have for us at Petite Pup. Before giving us a call, we suggest looking through this section first. We hope to hear from you soon!

Why should I take my dog to doggie daycare?

Many dogs spend their days at home, waiting for their pawrents to come back. This can cause anxiety, boredom, stress and unwanted behaviors. Daycare is a good solution for pups in need of mental stimulation, exercise and/or attention. Dogs are social creatures and thrive being around other canine buddies. Don’t be surprised if your dog drags you to our door— we’re all about the fun!

How does my dog become a member of Petite Pup?

We will schedule a meet and greet with you and your dog. We conduct temperament evaluations for the safety of your dog and other dogs. This includes introducing your dog to the daycare group slowly and assessing their behavior.

Why is your daycare all indoors?

Our number one concern is for the safety of our small dogs. Arizona is known for its extreme heat, and in the winter it can get downright cold. Not to mention there are several birds of prey, snakes, scorpions, bobcats and pesky bees lurking outside. It is important to shield tiny dogs from all the dangerous outdoor situations. By excluding an outside space from our daycare, we can keep the dogs away from wildlife, while providing a safe and temperature-controlled space year round.

If my dog does not play much, is daycare still a good option?

Yes! While some dogs might not be a huge fan of playing with other dogs, they still can benefit from positive interactions of a daycare experience. We will work with your dog to encourage good behaviors.
Mental stimulation is an important part of every dog’s life. This means that even the laziest dog can benefit from being in a room full of playful pups, even if he is just watching. Also, with more socialization, your dog might start to play as he gets more comfortable.

Why is my dog so tired after daycare?

Typically, when a dog goes home from daycare tired, this could mean he spent all his energy playing and socializing. Even if your pup isn’t a huge player, mental stimulation can be very tiring too. Imagine going to work in a preschool with a bunch of high energy children!

Do you allow dogs that are not “fixed”?

We allow well behaved unspayed and unneutered dogs. If your female is intact, we ask you to please keep a close track of her cycles. We DO NOT allow females in heat at any time and will require a signed waiver.

What vaccinations does my dog need to become a member?

All dogs need to be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. We accept titer tests in place of vaccinations. We recommend that clients bring their dogs to the vet annually for check-ups and have all their other shots up-to-date as well.

At what age may I bring my puppy into daycare?

Usually, puppies are given final puppy shots around 16 weeks. We allow puppies to join us a week after they complete their full vaccine requirements. Typically, the earliest we would be able to accept a dog is around 17 weeks. However, please call us to discuss this subject further, as it’s not uncommon for very small dogs to become sick after vaccinations and your dog’s safety is our top priority.

If my dog is on medication, can you administer it while she’s in daycare?

A trained employee will administer any oral medications. However, since we are not a medical facility, we are unable to administer injections.

Do the dogs get nap time or lunch breaks?

We strive to make sure every dog’s needs are fulfilled. This means if your pup is looking sleepy and needs a break, we will give him time to chill out in our Relax room. We give every pup a meal or snack, if provided, and for a fee, we can provide our house food or a treat filled kong. Small dogs have high metabolisms, so lunch or mid-day snacks can be an important meal.

Why is my dog kenneled while at daycare?

Sometimes dogs just need a break or at least a little alone time. Whether that means they were playing too rough, showing signs of stress or falling asleep. We keep track of our dogs daily energy level and change their space in accordance with their needs. Has your dog never been in a kennel? Let’s chat.

Since you have an indoor potty area, will my dog have accidents after playing in daycare?

No, your dog should not have accidents at home after visiting us. While your dog may be accustomed to going to the bathroom strictly outside, they should not associate going in our grass potty area with going inside your home.

Can you give my dog a bath? Do you groom dogs?

Yes, we offer some light grooming options for our daycare clients. For example, a simple bath or a “Face-Feet-Fanny” trim might be available while your dog is in daycare. If your dog is matted and/or needs an extensive groom, we have some great suggestions for places that offer full grooms. Please view our Services page and/or contact us for more information.

My dog’s furry coat gets tangled sometimes. Can you brush my dog while she’s at daycare?

Yes! How many of us actually brush our dogs daily? For a small fee, we are happy to help you with this much needed task. Your dog will love a relaxing brush-out. Frequent brushing is healthy for the dog’s skin and coat. Also, frequent brushing helps desensitize dogs of all ages to normal grooming. This means your groomer may notice an improvement of temperament during the grooming process. Win-Win!

Can I bring my dog in before you open OR can I pick up my dog after you are closed?

Here at Petite Pup, we want to be your pup’s home away from home. If scheduled ahead of time, when staff is available, we may be able to accommodate an early drop-off or late pick-up. Contact us for more details.